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Despoina Drivakou
Despoina Drivakou
Psychologist, Psychology
Aristotelian University Thessaloniki

Despoina Drivakou is a Psychologist, trained in Systemic Approach Psychotherapy. She earned her MSc from the Medical School of Thessaloniki in Epidemiology and Public Health and continued her studies as a PhD candidate in Psychology of Health. She is a Psychologist and has private practice in Thessaloniki, working with couples, families and individuals. She is an academic staff member of QMU- Department in Thessaloniki and is Instructor of “Health and Welfare” and “Public Health Practices”. She treats people with dementia in a care home for elderly people. The areas of trauma, PTSD, ADHD and quality of life for elderly people are her scientific and clinical interests. She is a member of the Systemic Company of Northern Greece and ELPSE. She is the Founder and President of the NGO EP7A that aims to provide awareness on health education to people.

Research Interest

Schizophrenia, Severe Mental Illness and its management.

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